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Due to a deep analysis of corporate processes is possible to identify important saving areas where is convenient to plan an outsourcing efficiency.
The analysis allows to:

  • Identify critical areas pertaining to employees and processes
  • Standardize outsourcer performances, on a quality level
  • Verify that outsourcer personnel is efficacy, on a effective level
  • Give client new tools to evaluate performances
  • Create new incentive methods
  • Valuate the correspondence between outsourcing service and arranged service levels

The suggested service warrants:

  • The valuation of feasibility and strategic, economic, organizing impact of outsourcing
  • The identification of organizing design, competences, needs rules, migration way toward new organization
  • The assistance to implementation by project management tools which guarantees the targets achievement in shared timing and modalities
  • The definition of service level: it's important for best management of legal agreements and managerial aspects
  • The selection and suppliers procurement (by specific tenders)