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China: Development support

To invest in China presents strong problems for foreign investors, both for peculiarity of juridical regulation, and for language and commercial customs.

MMC offers to companies a preliminary consulting, feasibility studies and assistance "in loco", from business start up to its management.
By working steadily both in Italy and in China, MMC has the knowledge of the economic, commercial and legal situation of Chinese market.
Existing organization has fiscal and juridical knowledge to support and represent the firms on writs management on behalf of foreign companies.

MMC is able to support and join companies shared by Chinese partners as regards market analysis, commercial and marketing politics, retail channel choice, sales network selection and training and HR due diligence in M&A and change management processes.

MMC assistance in realization of industrial and commercial projects concerns the following areas:

  • Evaluation of investment and industrial projects in Chinese market
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Feasibility studiesli>
  • Development of entry strategies in Chinese market
  • Assistance on commercial negotiations and on agreement writing
  • Assistance on communication and negotiations
  • Assistance on commercial and production companies start up (joint ventures or WFOE) and on production activity localization
  • Assistance on project implementation and on sales channel start up
  • Ricerche di siti industriali ed assistenza nella fase di realizzazione dell’impianto
  • <
  • Raw materials and products suppliers research and management
  • Partners research and management focused on products distribution
  • Development of brand and product
  • Assistance on recruitment and training
  • Aid for marketing and communication
  • Distribution and logistics network establishment by identifying partners to develop local supply chain
  • Assistance on supply chain management and quality control
  • Distribution and promotion strategies definition
  • Chinese taxes informations