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Milano Management Consulting utilizes review methods in order to individualize important saving areas. In this way MMC, for its clients, is able to free economic resources which can both increase earnings and help in to surpass a difficult enterprise moment.
Intervention areas are:

  • Overheads: for lack of resources and skills, aren't usually "special observed" and then seldom are optimized
  • Selection Procedures and Procurement: especially those used for ICT, Supply chain and subsidiary services

The project is articulated in:

  • To analyze the expense voices which compose overheads
  • <
  • To determine contents, processes and consistence of every expense voice and to determine marginal utility ranking
  • To map the processes related to every expense voice and quantity and quality of involved human resources
  • To revise the contents of every expense voice analyzing used corporate method
  • To individualize the indispensable resources and conditions for change
  • To plan the project and to achieve the procurement procedures aimed at achievement of prearranged targets
  • To manage jointly tenders for supplying

The intervention in procurement area is oriented to help clients:

  • To achieve "Total Ownership Costs" levels incisively lower by planning and implementation of custom-made procurement strategies and suppliers development programs
  • To improve the negotiation capacities in order to achieve a best performance