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Preliminary Analysis

The 5 phases of "compete organized"
It's the operative course of the management consulting intervention, divided into two principal "moments" and five operative phases, which can be carried out beside organizations complicated, divided by area or specific processes, or by all corporate operations (front-end), through the selected use of managerial tools suitable for the attainment of identified target with client (for example: Procurement, ABM, CIM, BPR, IT improvement):

Study of existing situation > analysis and diagnosis phase

  • Definition of inside-outside ambience
  • Flows of activities and processes analysis
  • Problems and reasons identification
  • Practicable organization and possible bonds valuation
  • Quality & flexibility tests of management and decision-procedural forecast tools
  • Systems ITC3 Check-up (communications, check, costs)
  • Measuring of obtainable economic potential results

Strategy Definition > Phase of project

  • Formulation of tactical targets (systems to implement in short-term)
  • Formulation of strategic targets (impact in middle-term)
  • Sharing of functional policies intervention in identified sectors

Project Development > Phase of plan organization

  • Schematization and measurement of processes and activities
  • Organizational structure planning
  • Definition of internal organizing, decision, procedure and control rules
  • Achievement of optimization performance tools: spotting of opportunities, decision support, processes re-engineering, ABM, CIM…
  • Development or Upgrade of ITC3 systems
  • Development of Early Warning systems and informative inside flow

Operative achievement > Implementation phase

  • Action plans
  • Tools and rules implementation
  • Set up of information system
  • Elaboration and proposal of ITC3 intervention
  • Training and coaching of equips to valuation and direction of activities

Verification > Check Phase and follow up

  • Possible repairing of implemented rules and tools
  • Check of respect of quality and quantity targets
  • Check of correct functioning of implemented information systems
  • Check of achieved results

The processes improvement and resources optimization are the fundamental condition to remain competitive in current business.
The widespread availability of technologies solutions demands to corporate inside structure, to preserve or improve its own competitive position, continuous improvements to carry out in a short period of time, with the consciousness of need to achieve ROI targets always more pressing.
"To compete organized", in the first analytical part of its course, has the aim to plot the processes, to identify problems and inefficiencies, to illustrate with objectivity the noticed evidences by analyst team, to estimate a improvement potential economic and elaborate an intervention plan definite in activities, times, costs, methods for the achievement of shared targets with client.