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Milano Management :: Servizi

Software Selection

It consists in a process of 4 weeks duration in which to carry out the well-constructed interviews with technical and business line personnel, to execute a technical analysis of used applications and of managed informations and to carry out work shop to guide the consensus and ranging on intervention targets.

The activity, with the project team, is oriented:

  • to identify the strategic targets of SI
  • to specify the strategic target in term of quantity and times
  • to analyze and elaborate the operative processes of support to activities
  • to share and to deepen the technological know-how on possibilities offered by technologies Internet-Intranet

MMC approach is oriented:

  • to identify the necessary IT developments
  • to identify the expected benefits
  • to explicit the utilized IT architecture
  • to explicit the business applications
  • to fix the steps for a integrated IT applications portfolio able to surpass the current organizing critical situations.

The final result is a presentation of a articulate business case and of a modular "roadmap" oriented to value creation through the evolution and integration of existing systems.