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Aimed Technologies

According to Milano Management Consulting the technologies ICT are qualifying solutions which correspond to a corporate need that is due from simultaneous presence of people, used tools, ambience and productive organization.
"Aimed technologies", therefore, are a project approach to find the answers to fundamental corporate needs which:

  1. Improve the organizing work-conditions of workers or "to do work less and better"
  2. Economically use wisely the financial and human enterprise resources, or its own cost is commensurated to economic return which assure and don't create explicit or occult charges of self-maintenance
  3. Respect the balances and laws of enterprise business
  4. Decentralize cleverly the business governance and control, explaining the terms of phenomenon in all dimensions.

The targets of "Aimed Technologies" regard the planning activities follow as:

  • ITC assessment & design
  • ITC organization, current processes and skills analysis
  • Screening of utilized technologies and of ITC costs and logic model's indication of potential developments and proposable technologies which details:
    • Strong and weak points of used enterprise system (architecture)
    • o Inside and outside corporate interlocutors which are involved (functions, customers, suppliers)
    • IT & Communications structure costs and potential saving
    • ITC organizing, competences and evolution opportunities
    • Ratio between functioning costs and innovation investments
    • Practicable steps and potentiality of Internet technologies to create value by existing informative systems
    • Rationalization of ICT charges towards the development and innovation
    • Economic and optimization awaited returns
    • Integrability level of Internet technologies with current systems